Anahaw Village

Philippine Expats

Anahaw Hills Village is designed for expats and returning Filipinos. It is nestled amongst rolling hills, yet only twenty minutes (ten miles) from Subic Bay.  The village has an amazing view of the mountains and adjoins a beautiful small river.

Build your dream House

We build quality homes using Green Building technology.

Purchasing, renting or leasing a home in Anahaw VIllage Hills gives you more than just a home. You become part of a meticulously planned community with an abundance of facilities and amenities for residents.

Centrally Located

Subic Bay Freeport Zone and Olongapo are less than 20 minutes away and the village is less than 40 minutes from Clark International airport.

A new Highway is planned from San Simon to Dinalupihan. The Freeway connects the SCTEX Freeway to the NLEX Freeway. When the new Manila overpass is finished, it will be le than 90 minutes to the Manila Airport.

Another Highway is planned to connect Dinalupihan, bypassing Olongapo, to Subic town. Once that Highway is complete, it will only be about 40 minutes to the beautiful beaches in Pundaquit.

These planned and existing highways place Anahaw Village in the ideal place to reach almost anywhere. Shopping, medical, entertainment, and flights in and out of the country are in easy distance.

Amazing Value

Anahaw Property Developments provides a unique community for expats and returning Filipinos. If you are looking for the ideal place to live, play or retire in the Philippines, Anahaw Hills should definitely not be missed.

With stunning views of the surrounding green hills and mountains, but close to all amenities, Anahaw Hills Village is the best of both worlds. Country living within minutes of the city.

Anahaw Village allows expats and returning Filipinos an opportunity to live in a home in an upscale environment. For only $110,000 to $150,000 you can have a home you would expect to pay between $500,000 to $1 million or more for in the West.

Anahaw Hills Village works towards providing the perfect place to mix, live, shop, and make new friends.

Philippines living -Dreaming of a better place

Anahaw Hills Village provides the best of Philippines living!

Do you dream of retiring to a small town or village where everyone is friendly, interacts and knows each other?

Get involved with arts and crafts

Anahaw Hills has a lot for our residents to do. From a pottery facility with a kiln, to a fully equipped wood and metal-working shop.


Out fully equipped metal and wood-working facility means that you don;t need to build your own in your garage. Just head on down and work and collaborate with other residents, get advice and build!
We have that same dream and we intend to make it a reality.

Anahaw Hills is designed as a mixed community of ages from children to Senior Citizens.

Anahaw has larger properties from 800 Square Meters to smaller, more easily managed properties like townhomes with smaller gardens. Apartments are also available.

Anahaw Hills also plans an assisted living facility allowing senior citizens to retire in dignity and still maintain their privacy. This allows the Village to have full time medical facilities that can be used by all residents.


Fostering community spirit involves more than just building homes. It requires ensuring the occupants of those homes have an opportunity to meet and participate in events together.

A full workshop for metal working, wood working and auto mechanics is available for residents

At Anahaw Hills you can enjoy a large amount of Community Facilities such as a fully equipped woodworking and metalworking shop for those do-it-yourselfers that always wanted to have their own shop but never had the space, a completely equipped pottery facility, sewing facilities, craft facilities and an exercise facility.

Lazy River

Float around in the lazy river or swim in the pool. Our swimming area includes a kiddie pool as well.

A restaurant, one-stop shop, grocery store, car wash and oil-change garage, swimming pool with lazy-river, children’s playground and a sports bar rounds out the village, encouraging the residents to meet, play, cooperate and get to know one another.

Commune with Nature

Need to relax and commune with nature? Our Forest trail is he perfect solution.

Relax in a Nipa Hut

Need somewhere quiet to read a book? Our Nipa huts in the Forest are a perfect place to getaway and just read in peace.

Just want to exercise while surrounded by nature?

Our Forest Trail is the perfect place to get some exercise walking through the woods!

In addition to the above, a large tract of maintained forest as community property with safe trails and with Nipa huts nestled within the forest. Take a walk, relax in a Nipa hut and read a book, or just enjoy the view.

In addition to the above, a large tract of maintained forest as community property with safe trails and with Nipa huts nestled within the forest. Take a walk, relax in a Nipa hut and read a book, or just enjoy the view.

For a full List of Amenities click here.

Location, location, location!

Anahaw Hills Village is conveniently located a short 20 minutes from the center of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, one hour from Angeles and 15 minutes from Dinalupihan.

Hermosa already has plans to build an entrance/exit from the SCTEX Highway a mere 4km from Anahaw Village providing an even faster trip to Subic Bay and Angeles.

There are 3 hospitals within minutes of Anahaw Hills Village and a private school within a 15 minute drive.

Anahaw Hills Village is one hour from Clark International Airport and soon, with a new planned highway, the Manila airport will also be not much more than an hour away.

Don’t wait! Plan on building your dream house now!  While we don’t have any 800 Square meter lots left for Php1,800,000 (they are now Php3,000,000) 400 meter lots still start at only PHP1,800,000 for early buyers! Contact us for more info at

Click on highlighted areas of the interactive map here to learn more about the facilities.


Property Conversion in the Philippines

Anahaw Village was agricultural land when we bought it. Property conversion was necessary. This article covers some steps we had to follow to convert Anahaw Village land to Residential/Commercial. The process is long and following the process is tedious and difficult. Ecozone Anahaw Village is applying for an RETIREMENT ECOZONE from the Philippine Economic Zone …