Best Places in the Philippines

With thousands of kilometers of pristine beaches and abundant islands we explore the best places in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a lot to offer to anyone looking for an inexpensive place to retire or to go on a holiday. 

The Philippines is an Asian country and one of the friendliest places on earth. Predominantly a Christian country, the Philippines appeals more to Westerners.

Many people describe the Philippines as the Gateway to Asia because it is an English Speaking Country where English is an official language and all the company signs and road signs are in English.

Finding the best places to visit in the Philippines - A Catholic Church in the Philippines
Some of the best places to visit in the Philippines are the old churches

Full of happy and laughing children and pleasant locals, the Philippines is extremely affordable and has an abundance of places to go and visit. You can choose from so many locations within the Philippines and name them  one of your own best places in the Philippines.

Finding the Best places in the Philippines

With Pristine beaches everywhere, (The Philippines has 7,641 islands) one could spend one’s lifetime just exploring the many Philippine islands.

Visiting just  one island a day, it would take you 20 years to explore the Philippines.

There is definitely no shortage of places to explore!

Cost of Living in the Philippines

The average family income in the Philippines is about 270,000 pesos a year. As of this writing that is about $5,000 a year.

The average family size is 4.6 people per family. Consequently, the average person is living on about $1000 a year.

That is a YEAR, not a month.

Thus, the cost of living in the Philippines is extremely low comparitively. Inside a city in the Philippines, one can comfortably live on $1400 a month and be a rich person in the city.

Outside of the city $800 goes a far way.

But remember, everyone has their own expectations as to lifestyle. Someone living on $50,000 a year in the USA would probably spend at least $24,000 a year in the Philippines.

While the cost of food, accomodation, travel, restaurants, etc. is far lower than in Western Countries, the cost of a laptop, a TV, and what would be considered luxury items in the Philippines could well be higher. 

When you first arrive in the Philippines, being unfamiliar as to where to shop, expect to spend more.

Locals will also charge you higher prices when you are new. Until you start to grasp what the real price should be and can negotiate expect to spend a bit more.


Philippine nurses are known worldwide for their caring and hospitable nursing. One of the top ten hospitals in the world is in the Philippine capital city of Manila.

Medical costs, are extremely low. Should you run into problems in the Philippines, your biggest concern would be getting to a hospital. It will not be the treatment that will be afforded once you get there.

Always have travel insurance. Keep enough money to get from any more remote location to a bigger hospital.

Small country hospitals might be ill-equipped to handle your emergency, so ensure you can get out of there by plane to a larger city.

Holidays in the Philippines

Finding the best places to visit in the Philippines by boat
You can get to some of the best places to visit in the Philippines on a Banca Boat

The Philippines has so many beautiful little beaches and islands to visit making it hard to choose the best places in the Philippines

Popular tourist spots are Palawan and Boracay. But depending on what you are looking for, there may be places that better suit your requirements.

Certainly, Boracay and Palawan are set up to accommodate your typical tourist. However, if you really want to get to know the Philippines, explore out of the way places.

Rather than going to the standby favorites, spend a longer time here and go and find those quaint out of the way places.

Find those places less populated by tourists and more populated by the charming and friendly locals.

Moving to the best places in the Philippines

Upon visiting, many people decide to live permanently in the Philippines to enjoy the weather, the friendliness and cost of living.

If you decide to stay, there is no better place to live than in somewhere like Anahaw Village.

Anahaw village is positioned near three international airports, and several large cities on the island of Luzon. 

With easy access to modern highways, the village is being built to Western Standards.

Take a look through our website. See how perfect Anahaw Village is to retire or move to the Philippines.

Have you decided to retire to the Philippines? Have a look at the government retirement requirements at the Retirement Authority of the Philippines