AirCrete Construction – Building AirCrete homes.

When we planned Anahaw Hills Village, we wanted to create a green environment as much as possible, that’s why we chose to build AirCrete homes.

We wanted to preserve the environment, reduce pollution and reduce costs at the same time.

We researched many construction methods. And we examined the green potential of each along with the the expense and efficiency of construction. In the end, we settled on using AirCrete.

What is AirCrete?

AirCrete is a lightweight material that contains stable air cells uniformly distributed throughout a concrete mixture.

It is, essentially, a concrete which utilizes a stable air cell rather than traditional aggregate.

AirCrete has many names including cellular concrete, foam concrete, light weight concrete, aerated concrete etc.

AirCrete should not be confused with a similar but different product named AirKrete.

Typical concrete has a density of 140 lb/cu.ft. AirCrete densities range down to 20 lb./cu. ft.

AirCrete is produced by infusing a concrete mixture with soap foam.

Why build AirCrete homes?

When building a home numerous factors need to be considered:

  • Cost
  • Durability against insects, earthquakes, wind, water and storms.
  • Speed of construction.
  • Cost of heating or cooling.
  • Beauty
  • Fire

The Philippines can get hot. Keeping a home cool with minimal air-conditioning is an important component.

Termites are abundant and cause a lot of damage quickly.

Construction is always an issue in the Philippines as the population is generally young . This results in inexperienced labour. Additionally, the economic boom means a lot of construction is already underway resulting in a lack of experienced labor.

Earthquakes are always a possibility.

Typhoons are frequent.

All of these factors helped to determine our choice.

AirCrete is very insulative with a high insulation value and virtually no air penetration. 

It can be very resistant to earthquakes and storms.

AirCrete resists heat and fires far better than most other building methods.  Video.

AirCrete construction is fast, efficient, almost fool-proof despite lack of training and experience with laborers. It requires a minimum of labour.

The formwork is erected, After all pipes for water, electricity, etc are put in place and the airCrete is poured. The result is a strong, bugproof, fireproof, earthquake resistant, wind and water resistant structure that is low cost and durable.

House construction using AirCrete is extremely cost efficient and very durable.

AirCrete homes cut construction costs and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Some projects using AirCrete.