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Anahaw stage one
Sports bar and Lazy River Townhouses and Apartments A River runs through it Beautiful Forest Trail Assisted living facility Running and Cycling trails Woodworking/metalworking/pottery/crafts. Coffee Shop/Deli/supermarket/fully equipped gym and more

Sports bar and Lazy River

Anahaw Hills Village has a large sports bar where villagers can come and relax, watch sports, or have a meal. AN area of the sports bar allows parents to keep a watchful eye on their children playing in the children's water area. A view from the sports bar overlooks the pretty river running along the northern boundary of the Village.

Townhouses and Apartments

Looking for a lock-up and go lifestyle? Anahaw Village has a variety of townhomes and apartments that provide just what you need. From 100 Square meter apartments to 210 square townhomes, whatever suits your needs can be provided.

A River runs through it

Anahaw Deli Dinalupihan

Anahaw village has a truly beautiful river running past the property. Go fishing for tilapia, walk along the rivers edge or just sit next at the deli/coffee shop and listen to the sound of the water.

Beautiful Forest Trail

Forest Trail Anahaw Village

Want to sit quietly in the middle of a forest and read a book? Or perhaps take a hike through a forest and just enjoy the quiet! Anahaw Property has a lovely forest trail allowing you to do just that! With Nipa huts selectively placed along the route and a trail through the woods, Anahaw Property allows you to find a peaceful moment on your own,

Assisted living facility

Worried about an elderly parent and want to keep them close? Anahaw Village is building a state of the art assisted living facility with self-contained apartments, sophisticated monitoring systems, 24 hour medical care, meals, outings and more to take care of those that still want to live by themselves, but want medical attention close by.

Running and Cycling trails

Jogging to keep fit

We want you to stay healthy! For that reason we are building 1.2km running and cycling trails that will not only allow you to stay healthy, but keep our kids off the main roadway!


Arts and Crafts Olongapo

Everyone  dreams of having fully equipped metal or wood or pottery or craft facilities in their home. At Anahaw, we make it unnecessary! With fully equipped facilities open to the residents, you can engage in your favorite hobbies.

Coffee Shop/Deli/supermarket/fully equipped gym and more

Gym at Anahaw Village

At Anahaw, we know that expats miss their favorite foods from home. That's why we are creating a supermarket that has all of those and a deli where you can get your favorite meats and cheeses all at a reasonable cost.

Eat breakfast at the deli seated along the river, or exercise with a full view of the river and mountains. We have it all!

Even a squash court and racquetball court to keep you fit!