Property Conversion in the Philippines

Anahaw Village was agricultural land when we bought it. Property conversion was necessary.

This article covers some steps we had to follow to convert Anahaw Village land to Residential/Commercial.

The process is long and following the process is tedious and difficult.


Anahaw Village is applying for an RETIREMENT ECOZONE from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, not just a property conversion.

However, the process to convert any agricultural land to residential is essentially the same.

The Ecozone, when/if approved, will allow our residents to fully own a business as a foreigner within the Zone. It also allows a fair number of other benefits,

The process of property conversion might also serve as a guide for those that are purchasing properties in the Philippines. It describes a bit about the LEGAL process of conversion.

Hopefully this might give readers an idea about whether the property they intend to purchase is legal or not.

In every country there are ways to get around the law and get “approvals” that should not have been granted. We have not tried, nor intend to try ,that approach at Anahaw Village.

Flow Chart

To assist, we have made a partial flowchart. It shows almost all the places that one needs to go to get documents or make applications to convert agricultural property to residential or commercial.

Please click for a larger view of the flowchart.

At almost every step of the way, the application requirements at one agency needs something from another Government Agency.

Of course, this flowchart does not include all the steps that one has to complete to get that approval. There are a lot of other steps.

They include:

  • Financial projections,
  • Notarized attestations,
  • Detailed discriptions,
  • Engineering reports,
  • Photographs
  • Posting of public signs.


Property conversion is definitely a long and tiring process, but it can be done if one is persistent enough to do it.

At Anahaw Village, we fully intend on following the process. We will do every step legally and completely. We will follow every code. Every rule and law adhered to.

Our goal is to give the residents a Village that fully complies with the law. This will, therefore, result in a safer investment.