Retiring to the Philippines economically.

Maybe you are one of those people intending on retiring to the Philippines and you need more information.

The Philippines is an incredibly beautiful and friendly place to retire to.

Top reasons for retiring to the Philippines

  • Speaks English
  • Inexpensive housing
  • Friendly people
  • Easy to get a Retirement Visa
  • Incredible beaches
  • Inexpensive travel
  • Delicious food
  • Easy gateway to visit the rest of Asia

English is on all the street signs and advertisements and most people speak English as a second language.

Housing in the Philippines is a fraction of what it normally costs in the west reducing a lot of your monthly living costs.

In the Philippines, people are always friendly and smiling. Kids are happily playing everywhere.

One can easily get permission to retire to the Philipines. The Philippine Retirement Authority makes it easy.

With over 7000 islands, the Philippines has thousands of beautiful beaches to visit.

Public transportation is inexpensive and easily available. Even flights to various islands are inexpensive and hotels are amazingly affordable. 

There are hundreds of restaurants serving Western styled food, additionally, the local fare is also delicious. Food is a fraction of the cost of what it is in the west.

The Philippines is perfectly positioned in Asia, This makes it easy and inexpensive to travel to most countries in Asia. The Philippines is a perfect place to be your base if you always wanted to explore Asia.

So, should you be someone planning to retire and you wish to enjoy your retirement, retiring to the Philippines ought to be one of your top choices!