Running and Bicycle Paths

A glimpse at the Village Layout will show that we have Allowed a huge section for roadways.

In fact, the distance from the one side of the road to the other is 20 Meters (66 feet). 

The average residential roadway is 26 feet (8 Meters). 

We have left space to spare. 

The reason is two-fold. First, we like open spaces. And second, we are putting the extra space to good use.

Both a dedicated running/jogging path and a dedicated bicycle path will surround the roadway giving a 1.2 km track for both cyclists and runners.

Of course, this means that kids will not have to be riding on the road, adding to the safety of Anahaw Hills. And runners and cyclists won’t be fighting for space. 

It also means that we can have tropical landscaping along the paths giving one the feel of running or cycling in nature.

It also gives our Village a more spacious feel.